Collins Institute of Stonewall

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Collins Institute of Stonewall
Established 1887
Construction Began 1887
Opened 1887
Closed 1905
Alternate Names
  • Stonewall Academy
  • Colbert Institute


After the Civil War the Chickasaw were in need of rebuilding many of their schools that had been demolished or damaged by war. Collins Institute was established largely through the efforts of Rev H Colbert, and Judson Collins, both of whom where prominent members of the Chickasaw Legislature, with the sanction of Governor. The building used as the Superintendent's cottage and the music building, plus 100 acres of land were bought from B Frank Byrd (a prominent Chickasaw and Treasurer of the Nation). During these first 3 years the school was known as a Manual Training School for Chickasaw Boys and maintained 50% by Southern Methodist church and 50% by the Chickasaw Legislature. Before the Civil War the school was known as Colbert Institute and burned. After being rebuilt it became known as the Collins Institute. At the close of Methodist occupation in 1890, the Institute was taken over fully by the Chickasaw and a boarding school for girls was established. It remained under the Chickasaws until statehood in 1906. During this period Mr A R Waite was named superintendent and the dormitory attendance increased to 45 pupils. The school offered a girls and a boys basketball team, industrial department, home economics, english, arithmetic, history, botany, music, drawing, latin, zoology, agriculture, geography, manners, civics. The school taught 1st through 12th grades.