Farview State Hospital

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Farview State Hospital
Established May 11, 1905
Construction Began 1912
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Waymart, PA
Peak Patient Population 1,098 in 1947
Alternate Names
  • State Hospital for the Criminal Insane
  • State Correctional Institution at Waymart (SCI Waymart) (Current)


This state hospital was built to house criminally insane men. As of 2008 Farview State Hospital is owned by the PA Dept of Corrections and is known as the State Correctional Institution at Waymart.

Pressed into operation ahead of schedule following the Camp Hill riot, the joint on-site operation of a state prison and state mental health facility was unique. In October 1995, Farview State Hospital was transferred from the Department of Public Welfare to the Department of Corrections. Now known as the department's Forensic Treatment Unit, the unit houses mentally disabled male inmates who require inpatient psychiatric care and treatment. The institution also houses minimum-security inmates. Inmate stats as of 2005: 1,322 minimum-security inmates / Sex offenders housed: 675 / Average age of prisoner: 47

Images of Farview State Hospital

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  • Cold Storage - By: Wendell Rawls

Patient Information

As this is still an active institution patient inquireries will need to be directed to the SCI Waymart Institution directly. You can find contact information on their website HERE.