Hillsborough Hospital

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Hillsborough Hospital
Established 1879
Closed 1982
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Architect(s) David Stirling
Location Charlottetown, PE
Alternate Names
  • Prince Edward Island Hospital for the Insane
  • Falconwood Insane Asylum
  • Riverside Hospital


The Prince Edward Island Hospital for the Insane was established in December 1879 on the present location of the Hillsborough Hospital, then known as Falconwood Farm, comprising 120 acres of land along the Hillsborough River northeast of Charlottetown. It succeeded a facility for the care of the mentally ill which had been built in 1845 at Brighton Shore and had doubled in service as a Poor House.

In 1907 the Provincial Infirmary was built on the west end of the facility and this part of the building became part of the Prince Edward Island Hospital for the Insane when the Provincial Infirmary moved to the original Prince Edward Island Hospital site on Kensington Road in 1933. The name of the facility changed to Falconwood Hospital in 1911 and the building was reconstructed in 1933-34 following a disastrous fire in 1931 which took the lives of 8 patients.

In 1957 the facility was renamed Riverside Hospital when a central section of the building was completed and connected by tunnels to east and west wings. The Active Treatment Centre was named Hillsborough General Hospital. In the 1970s the entire facility was renamed Hillsborough Hospital. The Riverside Home for Special Care is located in an adjacent facility. In 1982 the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was opened on an adjacent property.