Huron County Poor Farm

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Huron County Poor Farm
Established 1875
Opened 1877/1937
Current Status Demolished (Original building)
Building Style Single Building
Location Bad Axe, MI
Alternate Names
  • Huron County Home


In 1875 the Board of Supervisors purchased 200 acres of land about one mile west of the village to be used as a county farm for the support of the aged decrepit poor. In 1877 a fine two-story house was built, having 25 rooms and costing about $4,000. In 1884 William Story was appointed Superintendent holding the office for seven years. The end of most for the Poor Farm operations occurred when Social Security was enacted in 1935. Many of the operations became housing for acute health issues such as tuberculosis or mental illness.

By 1936, the number of those in need surpassed the amount of space available to adequately serve the residents; 85 people were crowded into a building that was built to house 26. The building was in dire need of repairs and was condemned. A millage was passed in 1936 to begin construction on a new unit. The new structure was named, “Huron County Home,” to remove the negative connotation of the Poor Farm. During this time frame, farming operations were stopped and the livestock, as well as the farm equipment sold by public auction in 1957.

The facility adopted its latest name in 1966 when it became the “Huron County Medical Care Facility.” The third major renovation of the facility took place 1977-1979 at the expense of $1.4 million. This expansion allowed the facility to have beds on the entire third floor.The Huron County Medical Care Facility park and rose garden can be traced back to 1928 when a small group planted hardwood and pine seedlings in the now groomed area to provide residents of the home with a pleasant outdoor atmosphere. The park, as we have come to know it today, began construction in 1980.