Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center

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Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center
Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center
Construction Began 1863
Current Status Active
Building Style Kirkbride Plan
Alternate Names
  • New York City Asylum for the Insane
  • Manhattan State Hospital
  • Manhattan Psychiatric Center

In 1863 the New York City Asylum for the Insane opened on the island. From 1860 until the 1892 opening of Ellis Island, Ward’s Island along with Castle Clinton on Manhattan’s southern tip welcomed America’s newcomers at its immigration station. The New York State Department of Mental Hygiene took over the immigration and asylum buildings in 1899, opening Manhattan State Hospital. With 4,400 patients, it was the largest psychiatric institution in the world. It later became the Manhattan Psychiatric Center. Today the hospital serves as a maximum security hospital, mostly court ordered patients from Long island and NYC.