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Ls Crosse County Hospital
*La Crosse County Hospital
Lakeview Health Center   
*Lakeview Health Center   

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La Crosse County Asylum
Construction Began 1887
Opened 1888
Demolished 1976
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location West Salem, WI
Alternate Names
  • La Crosse County Hospital
  • Lakeview Health Center


The La Crosse County Insane Asylum was built in West Salem, Wisconsin in 1887 and 1888. It was located east of the town, north of the railroad lines. A man named C.S. McKown was the first director, serving from 1888 until his death in 1906. Eventually the insane asylum was known as the County Hospital. In 1968 the name was changed to Lakeview. In 1975 Lakeview moved into an adjacent facility and the original insane asylum was demolished in 1976. Currently the name is Lakeview Health Center. Its website states that it provides both nursing home care and services for people with developmental disabilities.