Lake County Poor Farm (MI)

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Lake County Poor Farm
Opened 1885
Closed 1942
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Single Building
Location Chase Township, MI
Alternate Names


George Oviatt, the first to homestead this parcel of land, deeded the south half section to the county on Nov. 25, 1885. Throughout the years, more acres were added to the farm. Board of supervisor session documents from 1892 through 1926 gave further insight on the County Farm.In 1892, the farm produced 10 tons of hay, 4 tons of straw, 125 bushels of wheat, 65 bushels of peas, 35 bushels of corn, 531 bushels of oats, 300 bushels of turnips, 175 bushels of potatoes, 150 heads of cabbage, five bushels of beans, 636 pounds of butter, 196 dozen eggs and three bushel of beats. In 1905, a fiscal report showed a sale of stock on farm for $90, a sale of bass wood logs for $27 and temporary relief returned at $15.

Though only the house now stands, the county farm once had a sick bay behind the main quarters, various outbuildings and a huge red barn which burned down in the 1970s. A stone wall lined the road and a large screened-in porch served as the entrance to the house.