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* [[Bristol County Hospital]]
* [[Bristol County Hospital]]
* [[Essex County Sanatorium]]
* [[Essex County Sanatorium]]
* [[Hampshire County Sanatorium]]
* [[Middlesex County Hospital]]
* [[Middlesex County Hospital]]
* [[Norfolk County Hospital]]
* [[Norfolk County Hospital]]

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Flag of Massachusetts State seal of Massachusetts
Flag of Massachusetts Seal of Massachusetts
Nickname(s): The Bay State
Motto(s): Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem (By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty)
Map of the United States with Massachusetts highlighted
General State Information
Capital Boston
Largest city Boston
Total Square Miles 10,555 sq mi
(27,336 km2)
State Width 183 miles (295 km)
State Length 113 miles (182 km)
Current Population Statistics
Total State Population 6,859,819 (2017 est.)
Total Mental Health Population
 - Past Maximum Population 53,600 in 1953
Current Institution Statistics
Total Number Of Institutions
 - Public Institutions
 - Private Institutions
Past Mental Health Institutions Total
Peak Number of Institutions in
 - State Hospitals in
 - State Schools in
 - Private Institutions in

State Hospitals

State Schools

Federal Government Institutions


Reform Schools

Private Institutions

County and City Sanatoria