Muscatatuck State Developmental Center

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Muscatatuck State Developmental Center
Opened 1920
Closed 2005
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Butlerville, IN
Alternate Names
  • Indiana Farm Colony for Feeble Minded
  • Muscatatuck State School
  • Muscatatuck State Hospital and Training Center


Indiana Farm Colony for Feeble Minded, also known as Muscatatuck Colony, was opened in Butlerville, Jennings County, in 1920. It was originally a work farm and residential facility, which housed developmentally disabled men over the age of sixteen. In 1925, the Colony's administrative authority was transferred to the School for Feeble minded Youth at Fort Wayne. For this reason the mortality lists for the Colony were included in the Annual Reports of the Fort Wayne State School to the Governor. The Colony became the Muscatatuck State School in 1941 and began to accept women as residents. A decision was made to close the Muscatatuck State Developmental Center by the beginning of 2005 and have its grounds used for Homeland Security training.The current Homeland security Facility is called the Muscatatuck urban training center and is used to train first responders in a variatey of Natural and Man made disasters.

Images of Muscatatuck State Developmental Center[edit]

Main Image Gallery: Muscatatuck State Developmental Center


Several hundred patients were buried on the property throughout its years. 328 graves are marked and can be viewed here [1]


The Muscatatuck Museum will be open each Thursday from 2 – 8 p.m. For talks to school groups at the Museum outside of that time, contact MUTC Public Affairs at (317) 247-3300, ext. 41610.