Northern Michigan Tuberculosis Sanatorium

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Northern Michigan Tuberculosis Sanatorium
Opened 1937
Current Status active, in use
Location Livingston County, Michigan
Peak Patient Population 128 bed facility
Alternate Names J. Richard Yuill Alpine Center


Built in 1937 the Northern Michigan Tuberculosis Sanatorium opened in 1937 as a 128 bed TB Sanatorium just a few miles outside of Gaylord, Michigan. 5 accessory buildings were added and the facility took over a 160 acre plot before converting eventually being converted to a state hospital for the mentally handicapped. In 1980 the facility was closed, but the next year the facility was converted into the J. Richard Yuill Alpine Center. Named after the former commissioner of Corwith Township, the center now houses Gaylord High School, the University Center at Gaylord (M-TEC Kirtland), and various federal, state, and county agencies.

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