Northern Michigan Tuberculosis Sanatorium

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Northern Michigan Tuberculosis Sanatorium
Established 1931
Construction Began 1936
Opened 1937
Closed 1988
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Gaylord, Michigan
Alternate Names
  • Gaylord State Home
  • J. Richard Yuill Alpine Center


Built in 1937 the Northern Michigan Tuberculosis Sanatorium opened in 1937 as a 128 bed TB Sanatorium just a few miles outside of Gaylord, Michigan. 5 accessory buildings were added and the facility took over a 160 acre plot before converting eventually being converted to a state hospital for the mentally handicapped. The named changed in 1972 to the Alpine Center, which existed until its closure in 1988. The buildings were acquired by the county the following year, and after sitting vacant for several years the main building was refurbished and put back into use.