Queen Mary Sanatorium

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Queen Mary Sanatorium
Established 1913
Opened 1913
Closed 1970
Demolished 1974
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location Saskatoon, SK
Peak Patient Population 175
Alternate Names
  • Queen Mary Hospital


Queen Mary's Sanatorium opened in 1913 as the first sanatorium in the world exclusive to children with tuberculosis. It formed as part of a hospital complex with the Toronto Hospital for Consumptives, which was established in 1904. The institutions held pioneering programs involving the care of chronically ill children. By 1923, the success of the programs resulted in the expansion of the hospital including a new wing and a school program supervised through the Toronto Board of Education. With the discovery of antibiotics and vaccines for tuberculosis, the need for the sanatorium decreased. In 1970, the last patient was discharged the hospital closed. Four years later the building was demolished and West Park Hospital, a facility for rehabilitation and chronic disease care was erected where the sanatorium once stood. [1]

The Ontario Heritage Trust erected a plaque in memorial of the patients and staff of the sanatorium. It stands at the south end of the West Park Healthcare Centre's visitors' parking lot at the west end of Buttonwood Avenue

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