Schoolcraft County Poor House

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Schoolcraft County Poor House
Opened 1909
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Single Building
Location Manistique, MI
Alternate Names
  • Schoolcraft County House
  • Cloverland Lodge
  • Manistique Manor


The original county poorhouse was built in 1909. This building changed names and purposes several times throughout the years. The name changed to the County House in 1915 and became the county hospital in 1920. In 1943, it was leased to the U.S. Army for rehabilitation, and in 1944, it was used as a juvenile detention facility. From 1946 to 1963, it was leased as a convalescent home and the name was changed to the Cloverland Lodge. Later it became the Manistique Manor, Elk Street Lodge, and today it is privately owned.