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To add an infobox to an institution article, just cut and paste the coding below into the article at the top. The box is set up to only show the sections that you fill out. So fill out what you can and leave the others blank. If there is more information later on, you or another editor can come back and fill in the blanks. Also, use this templates talk page to suggest more additions to this infobox.


{{infobox institution
| name =
| image =
| image_size =
| alt =
| caption = 
| established =
| construction_began =
| construction_ended =
| opened =
| closed =
| demolished =
| current_status = 
| building_style =
| architect(s) =
| location =
| architecture_style =
| peak_patient_population =
| alternate_names =

Coding description

Value Name Value Description
name Place the name of the article here
image An image to be placed in the infobox. Make sure when adding the name of the image that you don't include image: or file: before the name. (for example: image.jpg)
image_size Please either include the image size in pixels. (For example: 250px) Please keep image size below 250 pixels please.
alt Please include a quick alternate description of the image for those who have turned off images in their browser. This also helps people who are visually impaired as their readers read these alt descriptions.
caption If you would like to add a brief caption to be shown directly under the image within the infobox, then place the caption in this space.
established Place the date of the institution's founding here.
construction_began Place the date when construction first began on the institution here.
construction_ended Place the date when the primary construction finished for the institution here.
opened Place the date when the institution first opened and admitted their first patients.
closed Place the date when the institution shut down and sent their remaining patients to other institutions.
demolished Place the date when the institution was demolished here.
current_status Place the current status of the institution here. For example with corresponding coding:
  • Active in it's original mission: [[Active Institution|Active]]
  • Closed in it's original mission but may still be used for something else (I.E. as a regular prison or state offices): [[Closed Institution|Closed]]
  • Demolished as in the entire campus has been demolished with very little to no buildings left: [[Demolished Institution|Demolished]]
  • Preserved as in one or more buildings on the institution campus has been retained and is being maintained as a historical landmark. (Please note: this coding can be added along with the other statuses above.): [[Preserved Institution|Preserved]]
building_style Please include the applicable building plan code if known:
architect(s) Add the architect(s) name if known.
location Add the city/town where the institution is located.
architecture_style Add the architectural style of the main/prominent building if known.
peak_patient_population Add the total number of patients and year if known. (I.E. 2,400 in 1956).
alternate_names Add the other names the institution is/was known by other then the main name of the article.