Washington County Asylum

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Washington County Asylum
Established 1844
Opened 1898
Demolished 2016
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location West Bend, WI
Alternate Names
  • Washington County Asylum for the Chronically Insane
  • Samaritan Nursing Home


The Annex II is part of the county campus and years ago it was “an asylum for the chronic insane.” According to the Story of Washington County by Carl Quickert the asylum was built in 1898 near the eastern city limits of West Bend. Its wings received two additions in 1911, the material of the entire building being brick and stone. A large farm is being worked in connection with the institution. The county farm originally was located in the northern part of the town of Jackson, and on it was the Poor home. In 1912 this county property was sold and a new Home erected on the Asylum grounds.