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==Developmental Centers==
==Developmental Centers==
* [[Forest Haven]]
* [[Forest Haven]]
==Reform Schools==
* [[National Training School for Boys]]

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Washington, D.C.
Flag of Washington, D.C. State seal of Washington, D.C.
Flag of Washington, D.C. Seal of Washington, D.C.
Motto(s): Justitia Omnibus (English: Justice for All)
Map of the United States with Washington, D.C. highlighted
General State Information
Largest city
Total Square Miles 68.3 sq mi
(177 km2)
State Width  miles ( km)
State Length  miles ( km)
Current Population Statistics
Total State Population 646,449 (2013 est)
Total Mental Health Population
 - Past Maximum Population in
Current Institution Statistics
Total Number Of Institutions
 - Public Institutions
 - Private Institutions
Past Mental Health Institutions Total
Peak Number of Institutions in
 - State Hospitals in
 - State Schools in
 - Private Institutions in

Federal Hospitals

Developmental Centers

Reform Schools