A. L. Bowen Developmental Center

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A.L. Bowen Developmental Center
Closed 1983
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Harrisburg, IL
Alternate Names
  • A.L. Bowen Children's Center
  • Illinois Youth Center-Harrisburg (Current)


The A.L. Bowen Center was founded in 1965 in Harrisburg Illinois. For most of its time as a developmental center AL bowen was lead by A.J. Schafter as superintendent. The AL Bowen center was part of The Illinois Department of Mental Health zone five wich it shared with Anna state hospital. The Institiution was relatively small compared to some other state schools in illinois with it having about 157 residents around the time of its closure in 1987. The AL bowen center was closed in 1987 due to state Budget cuts, the site is now Illinois Youth center Harrisburg wich is a medium security prison for juviniles.