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As a community project, Asylum Projects has documented literally hundreds of institutions ranging from State Hospitals to State Schools and most things in between. Thousands of images have been uploaded on a nearly daily rate. Yet, we still need your help to expand the project even more!

  • Is there a state hospital, state school, sanitarium, or similar institution near you that you are interested in?
    • We have a variety of states, counties, and providences that have very little to no entries that could be filled in.
    • We also have many entries that could use a bit more information.
  • Are you an academic studying a subject field that is related to this database?
    • This website is always interested in reading new essays or papers related to this subject.
    • We are also always interested in a student’s paper on an institution within the database.
  • Are you a historian and are researching an institution within this database?
    • Many entries lack a history or only have a brief history. The entries can always use better histories.
    • Submit a history, time line, or any other historical related paper on an institution for others to read.
    • If you have historical images that you would like to share, we would be pleased to have them in the database and we will make sure that the proper credit is given.
  • Did/do you work in one of these institutions?
    • Do you have memories that you would like to share?
    • Where there pictures taken that would be cool to share with use?
    • Is there a reunion web site that we can add to the database for others to go to?
  • Where you a patient/client within an institution in this database?
    • If it is not painful, would you like to share your experience with us?
  • Have you visited one of these places and have memories, pictures, or a passing interest?
    • Did you take pictures that you would like to share with us?
    • Did you create a web site or segmented a portion of your web site to an institution that would better explain an entry?
  • Have you written a history on one of these places or know of a better history then what is on this database?
    • Please share it with us.
  • Would you like to help us fill in the gaps in information?
    • The majority of the information within this database is here due to the hard work and volunteering of people like you. We always need the help.
    • There are a variety of areas within the database that need more information. Some of these areas are: Canada /Australia/France/Ireland/New Zealand.
  • Do you know of a website, book, or blogs that should be included in the database?
    • Then add it to the database or bring it to our attention and we’ll add it.

If you want to help, but don’t have an account, then go here and register an account (Hey, it’s free and easy!)

Also, we have message boards for those who want to discuss the various institutions within the project. You can visit the message boards here.

So please take a moment to join the project and help us make this project even better.