Allens Invalid Home

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Allens Invalid Home
Opened 1890
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Milledgeville, GA


1916 Description; This institution was opened by Dr. H.D. Allen in 1890, on the site of the old Oglethorpe University, which comprised 40 acres of land and a three-story brick building with 17 room and a large hall on the third floor. In 1891 a large house and 46 acres of land, about 150 yards distant from the original building, were purchased by Dr. Allen. This gave the institution two seperate buildings, one for men and one for women, and this complete separation of the sexes has continued to the present time.

There have been built since 1891 an additional cottage for men and two buildings for women. Two hundred and fifty-three acres of land have been added to the original holdings, on which are grown a great variety of vegetables, etc., for the use of the institution.

At first only chronic incurable cases were received; the first two patientsm received in the early part of 1891, being still in the institution(1915). Afterwards acute cases were accepted, and this practice continues to the present time. Its is the endeavor of the Home to have a nurse with every acute casem and to give such cases every possible diversion that their physical condition warrants. There are no attempt made to employ patients other than what they themselves are inclined to do for their own occupation and amusement.

A training school under a charter was started in 1908, and three years later the first class graduated. Every year since then a similar class has graduated, and, with the exception of one nurse, all those graduated have continued in the service of the institution.

The men nurses have never taken an interest in the training school. The men patients are attended by men nurses exclusively, and the women patients by women nurses. There are no women in the men's building. The average population in 50 patients, although as many as 65 have been in residence. Dr. H.D. Allen is superintendent and the assistant physician is Dr. W.A. Ellison.[1]



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