Brunswick Home

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Brunswick Home
Opened 1887
Closed 2005
Demolished 2012
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Amityville, NY
Alternate Names
  • Brunkswick Hospital & Sanitarium, Private Asylum for the Feeble-Minded
  • Brunswick Hall Psychiatric Hospital
  • Brunswick Hospital Center


Founded in 1887 by Stephen R. Williams, who served as Suffolk Co. Superintendent of Poor from 1872-1880, the Brunswick Home was a privately-run home for disabled children and adults. The establishment was described as a handsome edifice, 250 ft. in length, containing a central building four stories high, surmounted by a cupola, and 75-ft. wings on either side. A historic photograph from the era corroborates the architectural description. A drawing in the collection of the Easthampton Library also depicts the addition of a hospital unit ca. 1930, which was part of a new construction program to make the Brunswick Home the largest private sanitarium and hospital within Long Island territory.

In 1931 the Home became the Brunswick Hospital Center, which in addition to its general hospital functions, provided three other distinct divisions of care: nursing home, rehabilitation, psychiatric facility, as well as other community services. The larger of two remaining private hospitals recorded by Long Island Business News in 2003, it boasted a 31-acre campus and its four divisions of care an aggregate 475-bed facility overall. The Center’s mission was dedicated to providing comprehensive, efficient and effective patient care within its established parameters. The hospital closed in 2005 and the building was demolished in 2012. Only the psychiatric division, Brunswick Hall Psychiatric Hospital, remains in operation today.


Four charred bodies were found today in ruins of the Brunswick Home Hospital, destroyed by fire yesterday. One body was recovered yesterday and a sixth is being sought. Three of the bodies found today were identified as ABRAHAM NICHELSON, 62, Manhattan; MRS. ADELAIDE RAYNOR, 80, Freeport; and MRS. VINCENZIA BOTTICELLI, 64, of East Hempstead. The fourth body was tentatively identified as that of ISABELLE PAWSON, 52, Rockville Center.

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