Connellsville State Hospital

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Connellsville State Hospital
Established November 20, 1890
Opened January 30, 1891
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Connellsville, PA
Alternate Names
  • Cottage State Hospital
  • Connellsville General Hospital
  • Connellsville State General Hospital
  • Highlands Hospital and Health Center

NOTE: Connellsville State Hospital was one of many hospitals that Pennsylvania established for coal miners, these hospitals were also referred to as State General Hospitals, this hospital was not a psychiatric facility.

The Cottage State Hospital at Connellsville is built upon land donated by Col. J. M. Reid, the plot containing two acres. Cost of buildings, $24,292.35; present value of real estate, $32,000; of personal property, $5,500. The buildings were transferred to the board of trustees November 20, 1890; first patient was admitted January 30, 1891. Number of nurses and other employes, exclusive of superintendent, 13: the surgical staff Is composed of 8 members, who serve in pairs for 3 months, receiving therefor $50.00 per month; capacity of hospital, 38 beds; however, 21 was the monthly average of patients for the year 1912. Receipts for the year 1912, $3,507.02; expenditures, $13,197.36; State appropriations for 1913-1915, for maintenance, $20,000; painting and repairs, $500.00; insurance, $250.00.[1]

On September 7, 1985, Connellsville State General Hospital became the first hospital divested from the Pennsylvania state hospital system to private ownership. It was renamed Highlands Hospital and Health Center. As of 2010, it is Connellsville's second largest employer with 400 employees and 71 beds, though it has the capacity of almost 150. Although not originally built as a state psychiatric hospital, it housed a psychiatric ward in the mid-20th century and it currently operates as Fayette County's only inpatient mental health unit.

Board of Trustees

  • President—J. M. Reid, Connellsville, Fayette County.
  • Secretary—T. H. White, Connellsville, Fayette County.
  • Treasurer—Charles Davidson, Connellsville, Fayette County.
  • James D. Ewing, Uniontown, Fayette County.
  • George W. Neff, Masontown, Fayette County.
  • R. С Bierbower, Connellsville, Fayette County.
  • Harry M. McDonald, Dawson, Fayette County.
  • Henry P. Snyder, Connellsville, Fayette County.
  • James С McSpadden, Rockwood, Somerset County.[2]

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