Darke County Infirmary

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Darke County Infirmary
Established 1837
Construction Began 1854
Opened 1856
Current Status Demolished (Original)
Building Style Single Building
Location Greenville, OH
Alternate Names
  • Darke County Home


Established in 1837, the first Darke County Home was erected in 1854 on a 248 acre farm purchased for $6000.00. The three story brick structure was completed for a cost of $8,500.00. Struck by lightning on the morning of June 2, 1897, it burned to the ground. Seventy five residents were housed at the fairgrounds until a hastily built temporary structure was erected. A permanent building was completed in 1898. It was one of the many 19th century Ohio poorhouses that took care of the destitute (or just their children), mentally ill, and elderly. Residents were referred to as "paupers" in the register. Sometimes parents under financial burdens would send their children to places like this. Eight-year-old Ohioan Annie Oakley was sent to this infirmary by her widowed Mother and lived there for 2 years in the 1860's until she was hired out by a family to do chores.

Since 1978 another Darke County Home still operates as a modern nursing facility.