Forsyth County Tuberculosis Hospital

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Forsyth County Tuberculosis Hospital
Opened 1917
Closed 1955
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Winston-Salem, NC
Alternate Names
  • Knollwood Hall


It opened in 1917 at a cost of $10,000.00. The hospital was located on North Liberty Street at the county farm, a poorhouse where needy people could live and work if they were physically able. Reports from 1919 stated that the tuberculosis hospital was full at all times. It was not until 1930, however, that a second Forsyth County tuberculosis hospital opened. Knollwood Hall, later a nursing home, was originally a $250,000.00 tuberculosis hospital for white patients. In 1939, the Bowman Gray, Jr. family built a new facility on the same campus for African American tuberculosis victims. Knollwood Hall ceased to be a hospital in 1955 when the state took over responsibility for tuberculosis patients.