Goldsboro Training School

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Goldsboro Training School
Opened 1957
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Goldsboro, NC
Alternate Names
  • O'Berry Developmental Center


In 1957 the Goldsboro Training School became the first facility in the nation dedicated to the support and treatment of mentally handicapped African Americans. The school accepted 150 patients from the psychiatric department of nearby Cherry Hospital, offering education and vocational training for the mildly retarded.

In 1966, with the desegregation of state facilities, Goldsboro Training School became a regional center for 23 counties in south-central North Carolina. By 2006 the facility, under the name O'Berry Developmental Center, served more than 400 clients, offering real-life job training, self-help direction, and other skills to help them lead independent, fulfilling lives.