Greene County Poorhouse

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Greene County Poorhouse
Established ~1860
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Greene County, IN


Greene County Poorhouse was

According to an 1860 census obtained by Jeanette S. French, 17 people resided at the farm, including five members of the Flynn family, who tended the farm. The census is listed below:

"Thomas FLYNN, 40, farmer, Real estate=$3000/personal=$200, born NC Permelia

[MC DONALD] FLYNN, 42, born Ohio Sebastian FLYNN, 17, farm labour, born Ind.

Erastus M. FLYNN, 14, born Ind

Thomas M. FLYNN, 13, born Ind

Melvina, FLYNN 10, born Ind

William NATIONS, 75, born NC Deaf & Dumb

Polly NATIONS, 78, born NC Deaf & Dumb

Joseph FIELDS, 36, born Ind pauper

Rebecca HAWLEY, 28, born Ind pauper

Polly MARTINDALE, 30, born KY insane

Polly HICKS, 30, born Ind insane

[the following names appear on the next page and none have a place of birth listed]

Elizabeth HICKS, 26, insane

Len BEASLY, 20, (male) insane

Malinda PROCTOR, 48, pauper

Lucinda STREETS, 23, blind

Janah FREEMAN, 5, pauper

Ruth FREEMAN, 8, pauper"[1]

Images of Greene County Poorhouse[edit]

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