Guernsey County Poorhouse

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Guernsey County Poorhouse
Opened 1841/1913/1975
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Lore City, OH
Alternate Names
  • Guernsey County Infirmary
  • Guernsey County Home


The Guernsey County Commissioners purchased the original 160 acre farm in 1841 for $3,500.00. It was located just two miles from Historic Old Washington Ohio. A dwelling on the farm was used as the county home until a three-story brick building was erected in 1859. The original dwelling and the brick building constituted the Guernsey County “Infirmary” until 1912.

The Guernsey County Home is now a one-story complex constructed in 1975. Acquisitions made throughout the years, have expanded the home’s acreage to about 400 acres of rolling farmland. Most of the farmland is leased and the residents at the home enjoy watching the cattle grazing in the fields, gardening and the beauty of the rolling hillsides.