Hinsdale Sanitarium

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Hinsdale Sanitarium
Opened 1903
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Hinsdale, IL
Alternate Names
  • Hinsdale Sanitarium & Hospital
  • Adventist Hinsdale Hospital (current)


The Hinsdale Sanitarium and Benevolent Association was incorporated Nov. 1, 1904. Soon a 17-bedroom sanitarium began to take shape amid the weeds and underbrush on an abandoned 10-acre estate. Its first patient arrived on a stretcher before the front steps were built--and went home healthy. Within three weeks of opening, every room was full. While many sanitariums catered to those with tuberculosis, who were believed to most need bed rest and fresh air, Hinsdale treated a wide range of problems, including those requiring surgery. In the 1950s, the hospital's original frame building was torn down and a new brick building was built in each of the next three decades. Today, the hospital is hoping to expand and modernize its emergency room, largely to give patients more comfort and privacy.