Jackson County Infirmary

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Jackson County Infirmary
Established 1847
Opened 1850
Demolished 1975
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Brownstown, Indiana
Alternate Names
  • Jackson County Home


In July of 1911, the Indiana Department of Public Welfare visited the Infirmary. They reported:

"We found everything alright except that we utterly condemn the present insane department and recommend an entirely new structure. The new bathroom should be completed, and a cement floor should be places in the vegetable cellar. We commend the general management and cleanlinesss of the poor asylum." [1]

According the the Census, the Jackson County Infirmary contained a total of 31 paupers in 1910. There were 17 males, 14 females. Twenty-nine were native to the area, and two were not. There was one reported death in 1910.[2]

The Jackson County Home once stood on South Jackson St in Brownstown. Land for the home was purchased in 1847 and the first building erected in 1850, it was a 16 x 25 foot log home. In March 1864 $5,000 was appropriated for building a county asylum. The 3 story brick building was torn down in 1975.

Images of Jackson County Infirmary[edit]

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