Jackson County Poor House

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Jackson County Poor House
Opened 1877
Closed 1957
Demolished 2013
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Carbondale, IL
Alternate Names
  • Sunset Haven


The Jackson County Poor Farm became known as Sunset Haven during the 1940s when it was converted into a nursing home. The nursing home closed in 1957 and Southern Illinois University purchased the property to expand its agricultural program. During the 1970s, the university made an effort to locate all the unmarked graves of the dead that had been buried during Sunset Haven’s years as a poor farm. The graves are supposedly located in a grove of trees behind the building. Sometime later, the name was changed again, this time to the ‘Vivarium Annex,’ where sources say it was used for animal research. The building is currently abandoned, although emergency drills have been staged on the property. Sunset Haven was demolished in 2013.