Medina County Home

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Medina County Home
Established 1854
Opened 1861
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Medina, OH
Alternate Names
  • Medina County Infirmary


The original Medina County Home was built in 1854 to provide housing for indigent persons who were unable to care for themselves. A fire destroyed the original building, and it was rebuilt in 1861. This main building is still in use today, and several additions have been constructed.

For many years, the County Home was a working farm. Proceeds from farming operations helped offset the cost of running the facility. Hogs, sheep, and chickens were kept at the County Home and a dairy was operated. In 1961 the dairy was replaced with a herd of beef cattle. In 1970, the Medina County Board of Commissioners decided to discontinue farming and raising of livestock. The remaining acreage is currently being leased for farming. Renovations, improvements, and remodeling have continued throughout the years. A continuing commitment by the Medina County Board of Commissioners is evident in the high quality of care that is provided and in the well-maintained buildings and grounds.