Palmyra Springs Sanatorium

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Palmyra Springs Sanatorium

Image Courtesy Wisconsin Historical Society
Closed 1924
Demolished 1950
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Palmyra, WI


Named after a city in the Syrian Desert because of the abundance of sand, Palmyra was incorporated on April 4, 1866. Six mineral springs, each known for their medical and therapeutic properties, were an important part of Palmyra’s early years. From 1870 to the early 1920’s, people from across the country visited Palmyra enjoying the healing waters at the Palmyra Spring Sanitarium. In 1924, the sanitarium became the National Druggist Home, but a few years later interest in the therapeutic mineral water treatments declined and the sanitarium was closed. In the late 1950’s the building was razed and the land leveled[1].

In 1924 the Sanatarium was converted to a home for aged and infirm druggists as part of a program run by the National Association of Drug Clerks [2]. It was torn down in 1950.