Rome State Custodial Asylum

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Rome State Custodial Asylum
Rome State Custodial Asylum
Established 1827
Construction Began 1893
Closed 1989/2011
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Rome, NY
Architecture Style Queen Anne & Gothic Revival
Peak Patient Population 5,166 in 1960
Alternate Names
  • Oneida County Alms house,
  • Rome State Custodial Asylum for Unteachable Idiots,
  • Rome State School,
  • Rome Developmental Center,
  • Onieda Correctional Facility


Opened in 1827 as the Oneida County Poorhouse, The Rome State Custodial Asylum began as a 2 story building on the outskirts of Lynchville to house paupers and the insane. In 1893 the school shifted toward assisting the "unteachable mental defectives" as well as housing those patients it was already chartered to house and changed name to the Oneida State Custodial Asylum. In 1984 the school again changed name to the Rome State Custodial School and was developed into a "colonial system" designed around teaching job skills via labor at off site "colonies". Rome reached a peak population in 1960 of 5,166. The last resident of the facility left in October 1989 and the facility closed in November of that year. More history and pictures can be found here [1]


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This cemetery is located behind the old Rome Developmental Center near the intersection of Rte. 365 and 26S in the City of Rome. This was the burial site of residents of the Rome Developmental Center and this monument was erected in their memory. There are no tombstones.