School for Deaf and Dumb

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School for Deaf and Dumb
School for Deaf and Dumb
Construction Began 1892
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Alternate Names
  • North Carolina School for the Deaf


The act for its creation was passed in 1891, and its Board organized April 23rd, 1892. The building is located upon a tract of 213 acres near Morganton. It is of three stories above the basement in the form of a capital Roman T, and is 256 feet long with 162 feet from front through center building and dining room. Heated by steam and lighted by electricity, with an artesian water system and sewerage, the sanitary conditions are perfect. Accommodations for 250; there are 150 rooms. This is known to be one of the best buildings in America for the deaf and dumb. Carpentry, cabinet-making, shoemaking, printing, freehand and industrial art, mattress making, sewing, practical farming, gardening, &c., are the divisions of the industrial department. There were at the last report 161 pupils. The deaf mutes at this institution print the "Kelly Messenger," which is a creditable specimen of the printer's art.