Utah State Training School

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Utah State Training School
Established 1936
Opened 1938
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location American Fork, UT
Alternate Names
  • Utah State Developmental Center


The Utah State "Training School" was established in 1938 on the outskirts of American Fork, Utah. The campus has been home for up to 1200 individuals at one time. There was a large farm where produce and livestock were raised for the use of the Training School. Many changes have occurred over the years. The yearly average population of individuals residing at the Developmental Center has decreased on a yearly basis since 1975. Most of the outplacement occurred during the 1980s and 1990s, with the average population dropping from up to 800 individuals in 1980 to about 250 in 1999. Approximately 185 individuals currently reside at the Utah State Developmental Center (2020).

Much of the land the "Training School" was established on has been sold or retained by the State. Older buildings have been demolished, or are no longer in use. During the past 15 years, most of the existing residential buildings have been remodeled from congregate living environments into smaller apartment style residences. There are currently four twin homes close to completion for individuals that have expressed a desire to live in that type of setting. This will also facilitate the closure of the Pleasant View building, the last of the large congregate buildings. The Developmental Center currently spreads out over approximately 250 grass and tree covered acres.