William W. Fox Developmental Center

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William W. Fox Developmental Center
Opened 1879 and 1903
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Dwight, IL
Alternate Names
  • Keeley Institute


The William W. Fox Developmental Center, also known as the Keeley Institute, is located in Dwight, IL. Originally a detox facility for men with alcohol and drug issues, the facility opened as the Keeley Institute in 1879, burned down in 1902, was rebuilt in 1903, and was open until 1965. Fox Center currently serves 80 individuals with a variety of needs. They serve people with moderate to very high medical needs as well as moderate behavioral needs. Fox Center has 6 living areas with 10-16 individuals on each living area. Fox Center's building is 3 stories with 2 living areas on each floor. Individuals at Fox Center attend one off-campus day training site, or one of five in-house Adult Training Rooms (ATRs).