Girls Training School Geneva

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Girls Training School Geneva
Established 1891
Opened 1892
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Geneva, NE
Alternate Names
  • Girls Industrial School
  • Youth Development Center-Geneva
  • Youth Rehabilitation & Treatment Center-Geneva (Current)


On March 4, 1891, the Girls Industrial School was established on a 70-acre plot of land near Geneva, Nebraska. On March 14, 1892, a group of 57 girls was transferred from the Industrial School at Kearney to Geneva. In 1923, the official name, "Girls Industrial School" was changed to "Girls Training School."

In 1970, the name was changed to the "Youth Development Center - Geneva." With the passage of LB988 in 1994, the facility became the “Youth Rehabilitation & Treatment Center.” On January 13, 1967, the facility became partially co-educational as 8-12 year old boys from the YRTC-Kearney were moved to the YRTC-Geneva. This program was terminated in 1973 due to a decreasing number of boys. YRTC-Geneva again became co-educational in 1980 by admitting all youth referred for evaluation. The YRTC-Geneva discontinued doing evaluations in 1999.

On July 1, 1994, the Office of Juvenile Services was created under the Department of Correctional Services. On January 1, 1997, the Nebraska Health and Human Services System (HHSS) was created. The Office of Juvenile Services and the Youth Rehabilitation & Treatment Center – Geneva, were transferred to HHSS on January 1, 1997. Academic schooling has always played an important part in the programming at the YRTC-Geneva. In 1929, the first high school diplomas were issued, a tradition that continues today. Past history also indicates that a full farming operation was carried on at the institution, apparently up until some time in the late 1940's.