John Judge Memorial Miner's Home

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John Judge Memorial Miner's Home
Construction Began Fall 1902
Opened 1910
Closed 1920
Demolished 1966
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Salt Lace City, Utah
Alternate Names


The John Judge Memorial Miner's Home was established by Mary Judge, wife of John Judge, a partner with Thomas Kearns in Park City's famous Silver King Mining Co. Kearns married Judge's niece, Jennie Judge. Judge Mercy Home or more commonly called Judge Miner's Home, was designed by architect David C. Dart. The cornerstone was laid by Bishop Scanlan in the Fall of 1902 but the hospital was not opened until the fall of 1910. The hospital was originally intended to provide medical treatment for aged and infirm miners. Many miners working in Park City suffered from silicosis, also known as "miners' consumption", the disease that killed Mary's husband John at the age of 48. With Holy Cross Hospital a few blocks away, the need for a miners' hospital was not great; it was remodeled and opened as a school in the fall of 1920, under the name "Cathedral School." It began operating as "Judge Memorial" in 1929.

In the fall of 1960, Judge moved into a new school building, and the old building was used as an elementary school until it was torn down in 1966. The school was co-educational until 1964. In the fall of that year, Judge became a boys' school, and the girls were sent to St. Mary's of the Wasatch. In 1970, St. Mary's was closed, and Judge was once again co-educational.

Images of John Judge Memorial Miner's Home[edit]