Nebraska Sanitarium at Hastings

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Nebraska Sanitarium at Hastings
Opened 1907-1908
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Hastings, NE
Alternate Names
  • Hastings Sanitarium
  • Nebraska Sanitarium


The Nebraska Sanitarium at Hastings was built in 1907 through the help of the Seventh Day Adventists of Hastings Nebraska. The sanitarium was built on one of nine 100-foot lots purchased by the Adventists. The sanitarium was accompanied by a church, conference office, Bible supply house, the Adventists Headquarters, and intermediate school dormitories. The facility was built of brick and cost $30,000. The sanitarium boasted modern surgical treatment and hydriatic treatment and was overseen by members of the church. [1]

In 1913, an annex was built onto the sanitarium.

A 1914 description of the sanitarium reads:

"A home of health, pleasantly located in quition of the city, thoroughly modern, lighted by electrical heated by steam with hot and cold water in every room . Skilled and careful treatment, a wholesome combined with the pleasant and cheerful atmosphere of the place all make for health. Surgery a specially."



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