Princeton Sanatorium

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Princeton Sanatorium
Opened 1907
Closed 1910 (as a sanatorium)
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Alternate Names


January 24,1907 Princeton Sanatorium formally opened its doors at 419 West State Street, Princeton, IN. Doctors R. S. Anderson, Frank Blair, and A. L. Ziliak were the original owners of the hospital, which was equipped to care for 20 patients. The cost for the building at that time was $30,000. August 1910 Princeton Sanatorium closed the doors. Fall 1917 Sanatorium purchased with funds raised by public spirited citizens. Building and $10,000 given to the Methodist Hospital Corporation, which operated it with a local Board of Trustees as a branch of the large hospital in Indianapolis.

February 10, 1962 The new $2 million plus hospital was completed and the patients were moved from the West State Street address to its present address of 1808 Sherman Drive.