Westminster Psychopathic Hospital

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Westminster Psychopathic Hospital
Construction Began 1918
Opened 1920
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location London, ON
Alternate Names
  • Westminster Hospital


Construction of Westminster Psychopathic Hospital began in the fall of 1918 and it was completed and opened for patients May 1, 1920. As a military hospital, it was used primarily to treat and rehabilitate veterans with psychological injuries and shell shock suffered during World War I. Soon the need for medical and surgical treatment for veterans was recognized and, by a policy change in 1929, such wards were established and it was renamed Westminster Hospital. The hospital expanded during World War II to treat the injured and sick from nearby training camps. Following World War II the focus returned to long-term and acute care for veterans with disabilities. Westminster Hospital merged with Victoria Hospital in 1977 and became known as Victoria Hospital - Westminster Campus. In 1980 Parkwood Hospital assumed responsibility for the care of veterans.