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Spam is any article, image, article section, sentence, or external link that is of a promotion nature and is intended to advertise a service that is unwanted or unauthorized to be placed within this site.

It is Asylum Projects' policy that we do not tolerate spam of any kind. If it is found it will be removed at once. This include links that are barely related to the subject matter of the article or Asylum Projects, sites that may have information that may be useful to readers but charges a fee to view the information, any and all education service offers or links that are not related to this site, and much more.

It is this site’s policy that if such spam has been found, the spam will be removed and the user warned. If it has been found that there is a pattern, such as a user's only post is the spam, or that a bunch of other users all tried to post the same or similar spam and have similar characteristics, then they shall be indefinitely blocked per this policy.

Note: To those who are thinking of adding their site's link to this site for advertising, search engine rankings, or to increase your web page traffic, this site uses nofollow tags. What this means is that adding your link to Asylum Projects will in no way increase your search engine ranking or increase your site traffic through internet search engines.

Also note: due to high amounts of spam this site receives on a daily basis, if you have been shown to be a spammer, (I.e. by your activities, being identified not as a human but a web program, or by the use of known spammer IP addresses.) then your IP address will be blocked and your account will be deleted.

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