Lakeville State Hospital

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Lakeville State Hospital
Construction Began 1907
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Alternate Names Lakeville Hospital

Lakeville Sanitarium

Lakeville State Sanatorium

Lakeville State Sanatorium, one of three additional state institutions authorized by St 1907, c 474 to join the Massachusetts State Sanatorium at Rutland in the care and treatment of tuberculosis patients, opened Jan. 6, 1910 and was placed under the authority of the Trustees of Hospitals of Consumptives by St 1910, c 198 and c 491. The first male patient was admitted Jan. 19, 1910, and the first female patient admitted Feb. 22, 1910, following the completion of the women's ward. Pursuant to St 1919, c 350, s 98, Lakeville and other sanatoria were placed under the Division of Sanatoria in the Dept. of Public Health. St 1924, c 508 authorized admission of patients with extrapulmonary tuberculosis; St 1936, c 346 of those with poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis); St 1941, c 506 of those with spastic paralysis and St 1948, c 412 of crippled children. With continuing decline in the number of orthopedic tuberculosis cases it became possible to admit patients with other crippling conditions, including arthritis (St 1952, c 492) and muscular dystrophy and similar diseases (St 1953, c 383). St 1954, c 538 provided for the care of aging persons and St 1957, c 458 for that of persons with chronic diseases. Effective Sept. 25, 1963 (St 1963, c 517) Lakeville State Sanatorium was renamed Lakeville Hospital. Lakeville Hospital was closed Feb. 8, 1992, pursuant to recommendation by the Special Commission for the Study of the Consolidation of State Facilities.