William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute

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William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute
Opened 1964
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Columbia, SC
Alternate Names
  • Hall Institute


William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute (Hall Institute) opened its doors in 1964, as a result of the dedicated efforts of William S. Hall, M.D., DMH’s first state commissioner of Mental Health. Legislation in 1965 amended the SC Code of Laws to make a special provision for Hall Institute to be maintained as a teaching hospital for the primary purposes of training mental health personnel and conducting psychiatric research. The Institute has trained more than 250 psychiatry and 180 psychology interns since it opened.

This hospital is licensed by the state of South Carolina as a Specialized Hospital with a separately-licensed 37 bed Residential Treatment Facility for Children and Adolescents. It provides in-patient psychiatric services, treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse or addiction, and residential treatment for adolescents. Patients are admitted from throughout the state with referrals from community mental health centers, juvenile parole boards, Department of Social Services, the family court system and the Department of Juvenile Justice. The majority of patients are admitted through probate court, family court, or are voluntary admissions. Outpatient services include the Assessment and Resource Center. The facility is located on the property of the former South Carolina State Hospital.