Eau Claire County Asylum

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Eau Claire County Asylum
Established 1900
Opened 1901
Demolished 1999
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Architect(s) F. W. Woodward
Location Eau Claire, WI
Alternate Names
  • Eau Clarie County Asylum & Poor Farm
  • Eau Claire County Insane Asylum


Built on 446 acres of farm land, the Eau Claire County Poor Farm and Asylum was constructed on a prominent hill, then located four miles west of the town of Eau Claire, for $135,284.00 in 1900. After completion there was a period of litigation between builder F. W. Woodward and the Board of Trustees over the matter of the bill; the trustees had assumed he was providing the service free of charge. Until Woodward presented them with a bill. In 1913 the patient population was 168 of a possible 180. By 1921 it had dropped to 161 and the city limits had moved more then a mile closer. Today the property is a city park, with only a staff parking lot remaining.

Known Superintendents[edit]

  • O.H. Kitzman 1900-1908
  • S.E. Horrell 1908-Unknown