Lenawee County Poor Farm

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Lenawee County Poor Farm
Opened 1838/1876
Closed 1970
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Adrian, MI
Alternate Names
  • Lenawee County Asylum for the Poor


The Lenawee County Asylum for the Poor: “On March 25, 1836, the board of supervisors purchased…land to be used for the purpose of establishing a poor-house in said County of Lenawee. The increase in the population in this locality, the incoming of new families, the infirmities of age and the unfortunate condition of some persons who had become a charge upon the public, led to the establishment of an institution within the county, to be maintained at public expense, called the Infirmary, … as a home for aged, decrepit and indigent persons. Inmates who are able to work are employed on the farm, or in caring for stock and “choring” on the premises. Good, wholesome and substantial food is provided in abundance, as is also comfortable and seasonable clothing and volunteer ministers from various churches in the county supply the spiritual needs.”