Madison County Infirmary

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Madison County Infirmary
Construction Began 1877
Opened 1878
Closed 1984
Demolished 1986
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Anderson, IN


Completed in January 1878 at a cost of $7200, housed the inmates of the Madison County infirmary (or poor house.) The third of Madison County's three poorhouses, it was built on ground purchase from the Berryman Shafer family. In the 1930's when this picture was taken, the Madison County Infirmary had a rather extensive farming operation. This barn helped to house 40 cows, 115 hogs and over 1000 chickens. There was a truck garden, an orchard and field crops. A woman's wing was added in 1915. The facility was closed in the mid-1980's and in 1986 the land and buildings were sold to the Anderson Municipal Airport. The infirmary was demolished in September 1986.

The residential building was demolished in 2009. [1]

Images of Madison County Infirmary[edit]

Main Image Gallery: Madison County Infirmary


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