Shawano County Asylum

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Shawano County Asylum
Established 1910
Opened 1913
Closed 1978
Demolished 1990
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Shawano, WI
Alternate Names
  • Shawano County Hospital


Approval for such a facility was passed in 1910. Prior to that time, the county poor had been housed in a facility in the city of Shawano and operated by the Frederick Eberlein family. The Eberleins had moved to Shawano from the Township of Herman in 1879. Mr. Eberlein engaged in the profession of saloonkeeper, while Mrs. Eberlein managed the county poorhouse, which was located on North Main opposite the Shawano County Courthouse.

August Hoeffs was selected by the Asylum committee in December of 1910, to be the superintendent of the new poor farm. In September 1911, the board met and awarded the contracts to construct the facilities. In February of 1913 August Hoeffs who had been superintendent of the poor farm was appointed superintendent of the Asylum also. Dr. W. H. Cantwell was engaged as the Asylum physician.

The old 200 bed asylum building was replaced with a 102 bed nursing home opened in June 1978. At this same time, the poor farm was placed under separate management. In March of 1997, the Shawano County Board voted to close down the farm operation, and all assets were auctioned off in 1997 and 1998. The cropland has been rented out and the balance of the farm has been planted to trees or devoted to recreational usage.