St. John Vianney Center

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St. John Vianney Center
Opened 1946
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Downingtown, PA


Founded in 1946, the Saint John Vianney Center (SJVC) is the longest running behavioral health treatment facility in North America for Clergy and Consecrated Men and Women Religious. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia purchased the 175-acre McIlvaine Estate in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The main residence was converted from a family home to a private hospital. The program was placed under the patronage of Saint John Vianney, the patron Saint of the parish priest. It was the Sisters of Mercy who originally administered the programs at the center. The Saint John Vianney Center began with the mission to help our fellow Clergy and Religious through life’s journey and difficulties and to assist them to function at their fullest potential. Today, the Saint John Vianney Center continues to fulfill that mission. [1]