Trempealeau County Asylum

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Trempealeau County Asylum
Construction Began 1898
Construction Ended 1900
Opened 1900
Demolished 1971
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Architect(s) John Charles
Location Whitehall, WI
Architecture Style Romanesque Revival
Alternate Names
  • Trempealeau County Hospital
  • Trempealeau County Health Care Center


Early history of this site can be found at the link to follow and the book part of the Library of congress non-copy written collections available in digital format on the internet. The institution opened in January of 1900 and the book covers the history of Trempealeau county until 1914. The Trempealeau County Health Care Center stands on the former site of this facility.

In 2016 a new 123,000-square-foot building opened and will continue its licensing as a 112-bed institution for mental disease and 34-bed nursing home facility.